Sliding gate operators are a mechanism to open and close gates automatically. Sliding gate operators use […]
Whether you work in an office, an embassy or a military base, everybody needs passage systems […]
It is also called in different forms like; Road Blocker, Hydraulic Barrier, Terrain Blocker, Crash Barrier, […]
Tripod turnstile is a device that controls the way into or out of a building, room, […]
Crash Rated Bollard; a post that is put in the middle or at the end of […]
Automatic license plate recognition system (ALPR), which detects and segments the license plate area on the […]
Telescopic Sliding Gates are used a ground mounted rail (track) for the gate wheels to move […]
Electromechanical arm barriers are electromechanical devices designed to control vehicle entrances/exits. Barriers generally consist of barrier […]
It is also called in different forms like; Manual Arm Barrier, Manual Barrier, Manual Drop Arm […]
In our daily life, we can see sliding door motors at the entrances of almost all […]