In our daily life, we can see sliding door motors at the entrances of almost all houses, workplaces and industrial areas. Sliding door motors are electromechanical devices that automatically drive sideways doors. The rack gear on the sliding door moves it forward and backward by the motor gear.

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When choosing sliding door motors, the weight of the door should be considered. The power of the motor should be selected according to the weight of the door. Sliding door motor unit generally consists of geared electric motor, control unit and rack gear set. The control unit trigger the electric motor clockwise or counter clockwise direction with the command it receives from the user. Users generally prefer safety photocell, remote control (or push button) and flashing light as accessories. The security photocell detects this movement and sends a signal to the controller when an object enters while the door is closing. The controller receive this signal and directs it to the command to stop the closed door and open it again. The user can open the door by pressing the button without being near the door with remote controller. (Remote controls work with 433 Mhz radio frequency, they generally have a range of 50-100 meters.) Finally, the flasher lamp turns the warning lamp on and off to warn the users while the door is opening and closing.

Sliding doors can also be controlled from mobile devices thanks to IOT systems. Users can open and close their sliding doors with their mobile phones by GSM, Wifi-Bluetooth modules.  Such systems also record entry and exit information. All of the logs such as how many times the user opened the door on “what day” and “what time” are the outputs of these systems.

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