• Sliding gate operators are a mechanism to open and close gates automatically.
  • Sliding gate operators use on a gate which is opening and closing to slide horizontally.
  • Sliding gates are mostly used to controlled entry/exit at the gates and blocking the entrances.
  • Even sliding gates are cantilever or with wheel and rail or telescopic sliding gates etc., they have been operated with a sliding gate operator.

What are sliding gate operator’s parts?

  • Sliding gate operators are inside a cabinet for housing motor, gears and electronic board.
  • Sliding gate operators have a pinion gear which gives movement to gate.
  • An AC Motor or DC Motor is used to rotate pinion gear electromechanically.
  • Sliding gates have rack gear for moving horizontally which has contact the pinion gear.
  • A Plc controlled electronic board is very common for sliding gate operators.

How does a sliding gate operator work?

  • Sliding gate operators have a push button console which is placed to operate it.
  • Kind of Access Control Systems, card reader systems, remote control systems can be connected to operate the sliding gates.
  • Basically, the sliding gate operator has a gear which is turning via an electric motor. This gear transmits the movement to the rack gear as linear movement. Thus, the sliding gates slides.
  • In case of power failure; it is possible to open and close it. Most of sliding gate operator mechanism has a clutch system to release motor from the gears. When the gears are released from motor, the gate can slide easily with man power.

What is sliding gate operator benefits and features?

  • They can close large openings. Even larger openings can be reach with a pair of sliding gates as working reciprocally.
  • Sliding gates operators speed is adjustable. Thereby sliding gates may open-close fast where is not required high security.
  • Some manufacturers use frequency convertor in the sliding gate operators for soft start, fast movement and soft stop.
  • Sliding gates operators installation is very easy that it used at house gardens entry.
  • It works with city electricity as 220 VAC Single phase.



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