• Drop arm turnstile is a type of motorised turnstile. It is also called in different form like; barrier turnstile, VIP turnstiles, automatic turnstile etc.
  • Drop arm turnstiles are used to controlled at pedestrian entrances.
  • Drop arm barrier turnstiles are very common near the other turnstiles because materials entrances as it is motorised.
  • It is possible to see automatic turnstiles at commercial centres, university, governments, private sector buildings etc.
  • Barrier turnstiles may be preferred for handicap access. Because the arms drop down automatically for passage.

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How does a motorised drop arm turnstile seem?

  • Drop arm turnstiles seem like a classic waist height turnstile. It is a type of half height turnstile. But it works with a servo motor automatically.
  • Drop arm turnstiles can be classified in half height turnstiles. But you can easily pass through with bags, suitcase, hand barrow or wheelchairs.
  • They have aesthetic and slim body which is made with stainless steel.
  • The body of drop arm turnstile may be different shapes. Dropped turnstile arms can be mounted on a single leg turnstile body or double leg turnstile body, on a wall mounted body etc.
  • Indication led lights have been on it for guidance.

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How does a drop turnstile work?

  • A person can open the passageway with kind of access control systems, card reader systems, remote control systems, biometric systems, ticket accepting devices etc.
  • After the person has passed, dropped arm close again immediately.
  • Automatic drop arm turnstiles have servo motor, DC motor or DC motor with encoder to rotate drop arm mechanism.
  • Some drop arm turnstiles have belt transmission to rotate mechanism shaft.
  • They can allow bidirectional use.
  • In case of fire or any similar emergency situation, free exit option is available.

What are drop arm turnstile’s parts?

  • Drop arm turnstile’s arms are made from stainless steel same as a normal half height turnstile.
  • Drop arm Gate’s arms are operated by a brushless motor. (DC motor, Servo motor driven speed gates are some models of it.)
  • The drop arms are connected to motor with a special gear mechanism.
  • The main body is mostly stainless steel.
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Relay) controlled drop arm turnstiles are usually preferred.

How is a drop arm turnstile installation?

  • It can be installed on a smooth surface with anchor bolts.
  • They need 220 VAC Single phase supply power.
  • Automatic turnstiles are good solution for indoor use.

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