Kind of Building Management Systems, card reader systems, remote control systems, biometric systems, ticket accepting devices etc. can be connected to operate the security barrier.

Security barriers have a push button console which has also Emergency Stop Button to avoid accidents.

 Some of them has Emergency Raise Button to raise it fast for vehicle attacks.

Basically, the hydraulic power unit pumps hydraulic oil to the pistons and pistons pushes the blocking part. Thus, the security barrier raises.

 In case of power failure; it is possible to raise and lower it with manual hand pump, or hydraulic accu. , or DC motor and DC pump with dry batteries.

 A security arm barrier is raising and lowering with a hydraulic piston.

  Hydraulic tank, AC motor or DC motor, hydraulic pump, direction control valve, hydraulic hoses etc. hydraulic equipment are used as it is same as usual hydraulic power unit.

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How is a security barrier installation?

Some security barriers are installed on a hardened concrete with anchor bolts.   

Many security barrier suppliers deliver a basement table for embedding it inside the concrete.

They are installed in a reinforcement concrete pit. There are also such kind of security barriers like surface mounted security barrier, mobile security barriers, shallow mount security barriers etc.

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