• It is also called in different forms like; Road Blocker, Hydraulic Barrier, Terrain Blocker, Crash Barrier, Vehicle Barrier, Crash Tested Blocker etc.
  • Shallow Mount Road Blockers are mostly used to protect the places for suicide bomb attacks by vehicles.
  • Shallow mount road blockers are also used to controlled entry/exit at the gates.
  • Shallow mount hydraulic road blockers are suitable solutions for the places in which deep foundation is not possible.
  • Some companies achieved Crash Test Certificate from accredited laboratories like PAS:68, DOS K-12, ASTM F 2656, IWA 14-1 as called crash tested shallow mounted road blockers.

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What are Shallow Mount Road Blocker’s parts?

  • Shallow Mount Road Blocker’s blocking part is made from heavy strong steel.
  • Shallow Mount Hydraulic Road Blockers are operated by a hydraulic power unit.
  • The blocking part raises by hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic pistons).
  • The blocking part and the power unit are connected with hydraulic hoses.
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Relay) controlled shallow mounted road blockers are usually preferred.

What are shallow mount road blocker accessories?

  • Loop detectors, traffic light, proximity sensor, submersible drainage pump, photocell, flashing light,

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