It is also called in different forms like; swing gate turnstile, cylinder swing turnstile, swing barrier turnstile, swing barrier, flap barrier, flap gate, glass line, VIP turnstiles, rotary gate, rotary automatic swing gate etc.

·       Automatic swing turnstiles are used to controlled at pedestrian entrances.

·       Swing barriers are very common near the other turnstiles because materials entrances

·       It is possible to see swing turnstiles at commercial centres, university, governments, private sector buildings etc.

·       Swing gate turnstiles may be preferred for handicap access. Because the flaps open the passage automatically.

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How does a swing gate turnstile seem?

·       Swing gate turnstiles seem like a glass flap which is going to revolve of turnstile. Therefore, it is called swing turnstile that the glasses are 90 degree turn of the turnstile body.

·       Flap gates can be classified in half height turnstiles. But you can easily pass through with bags, suitcase, hand barrow or wheelchairs.

·       They have aesthetic and slim body which is made with stainless steel.

·       The body of swing turnstile is usually cylinder.

·       Indication led lights have been on it for guidance.

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