Hydraulic rising bollards are one of the physical security systems that control the entry / exit of vehicles. Hydraulic bollards are generally produced with hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, semi-automatic or manual triggers. In the mechanical body of the bollards, mostly stainless steel is prefering. In this article, information about the power units of hydraulic bollards will be given.

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            The power unit of the hydraulic rising bollards consists of two main elements: hydraulic part and electrical&electronics part. Hydraulic unit includes electric motor, directional valve, hydraulic valve and hydraulic oil. The electric motor in the hydraulic unit is generally AC (Alternating Current) motors. This electric motor is directly triggered by the contactor, which is the switching hyrdaulic cyclinder. This electric motor, which is started with a contactor, is also protected against overcurrent and short circuit by motor circuit breaker. In the electronic part, the system is managed by a microcontroller board. The input signals from the rising bollarder and the user are interpreted with the control card and the necessary output signals are given. For example, when the user presses the “lower” button while the bollard is in the up position; the controller triggers to the motor contactor and the downward hydraulic directional valve will be actived. Thus, the bollard goes down completely and the vehicle is allowed to pass. In some systems where the necessary safety precautions are not taken, the rising bollards may cause an accident. Loop and photocell sensors prevent such accidents. While the loop detector detects a vehicle from these sensors, the photocell detects both vehicles and human. When the user presses the barrier “up” button while the vehicle is traveling on the bollard, this signal will be processed in the controller and the bollards will not go up because the loop sensor detects the vehicle. With this scenario, potential accidents are prevented. Finally, the LED lights on the bollard will be mentioned. The red LED lights on the barrier are activated by the controller with flashing; Thus, users can easily notice the bollards.

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            The power unit of the hydraulic rising bollards, which consists of electronic and hydraulic main components, is generally located near the bollards.



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