• A bullet proof gate provides a high level of security against the threat of armed attack thanks to its bulletproof panel.
  • Ballistic doors usually used at high security required places border, police station, military area, ministries and government buildings etc.
  • There is such kind of ballistic protection class; Euro norm ballistic standard EN 1063, Underwriters Laboratory ballistic standard UL 752, National Institute of Justice NIJ 0108.01, Standardization Agreement for the protection levels STANAG4569.
  • For example, the weapon is a rifle, the bullet caliber is 7.62x51mm NATO according to EN 1063 BR7 standard.
  • Used armoured steels are called according to its hardness like Brinnel 500 Armor (Hardox 500). When the 500 value is higher, bullet resistance is getting better. Because hardness is directly proportional with hardness and thickness of armoured sheet.

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  • Ballistic and blast resistant doors, also known as anti-explosion doors, offer a high level of protection against terrorist attack and in general against ballistic and explosive threat.
  • Bullet proof glass can be used to open vision outside. These type bullet resistance glasses are compiled same specs with ballistic protection class plates.
  • Bullet proof glasses can be constant on the door or it can be bullet proof window opening and closing.
  • An electromechanics lock or magnetic lock is used on the bullet proof door for locking. They are NC contacts that locking continuously.
  • Any kind of access control system can be integrated to open door like card reader, finger print, biometric readers etc.
  • Hydraulic door closer is an optional accessory to close the door itself.
  • Even if come to mind a pedestrian door when called bullet proof doors, bullet proof sliding gates are available for vehicle access.
  • There is opportunity for bullet proof cantilever sliding gate, crash tested bullet resistance sliding gates,

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