Sliding Gate has a push button console which is placed to operate it.• Kind of Access Control Systems, card reader systems, remote control systems can be connected to operate the sliding gates. 

• Basically, the door opener unit has a gear which is turning via AC Motor. This gear transmits the movement to the rack gear as linear movement. Thus, the sliding gates slides.

• In case of power failure; it is possible to open and close it. Most of sliding gate mechanism has a clutch system to release motor from the gears. When the gears are released from motor, the gate can slide easily with man power.

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What is Sliding Gate Benefits and Features?

• Sliding gates are mostly manufactured hollow section profiles. (Rectangular Hollow Sections) 

• They can close large openings. Even larger openings can be reach with a pair of sliding gates as working reciprocally.

• Telescopic Sliding Gates are available to close long entry but short back areas.

• Sliding gates may be made from wrought iron for private property garden gates.

• Sliding gates may be made from wire mesh fence for industrial site entrances same as exiting fences.

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