• It is also called in different forms like; car parking barrier, parking space lock, parking lock, parking hoop, parking barrier etc.
  • Parking spaces lock are ideal solutions for reserving your personal parking space.
  • Even parking barriers are automatic and powered mostly, manual barriers are also used.
  • Automatic personal parking barriers work with a help of rechargeable li-ion batteries.
  • Some manufacturer uses solar charge batteries.
  • Driver need to lock with a padlock if the driver uses manual personal parking barriers.

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  • Typically, the blocking part raises 90 degree as vertical position when blocked to parking space. While car is parking, the blocking part lies to the ground parallel and the car parks on it.
  • The parking barriers are made from steel to reach long life and strong to avoid broken when passing over.
  • It is used colour is yellow with red reflective tapes on it commonly.
  • A remote control is usually used for lowering to parking barrier. Raising of parking barrier is automatically.
  • Smart parking barriers secure your parking place and control it with your

smartphone via a mobile application. Enable other people to use your barrier by

sending them a temporary digital key via the mobile application.

Mounting of parking barriers

  • It is installed on the surface directly with anchor bolts.   
  • While it is working with batteries, no need to pull power cables.
  • There are not any cable connections. Mount it to ground and start to use it with remote control.

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