• Cantilever Sliding Gates do not used a ground mounted rail (track) for the gate to move on it and there is no wheel as well.
  • If the ground is not suitable for rail installation, Trackless Sliding Gate is an option. Because these gates have not rail (track) to move.
  • Cantilever sliding gates are mostly used to controlled entry/exit at the gates and blocking the entrances. It is also suitable for private property like gardens of houses.
  • Some companies achieved Crash Test Certificate from accredited laboratories like PAS:68, DOS K-12, ASTM F 2656, IWA 14-1.

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What are Cantilever Sliding Gate’s parts?

  • Cantilever Sliding Gate’s moving part is made from heavy strong steel. Mostly infill profiles type trackless gates are preferred.
  • Sliding gate counterbalance is approximately half of gate length. And the part of counterbalance is sometimes same design with gate or tri angle type with stretcher mechanism.
  • Cantilever Sliding Gates are operated by a sliding gate motor electromechanically.
  • The gates have rack gear for moving horizontally which get the movement from a pinion gear.
  • Gate posts are longer as a cantilever gate is longer.
  • Cantilever sliding gates has rollers to carry the gate leaf instead of wheels. The rollers are embedded to concrete because they carry the lengthwise. Therefore, the gate weight is transferred to concrete directly.

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How does a cantilever gate work?

  • Cantilever sliding gate has a push button console which is placed to operate it.
  • Kind of Access Control Systems, card reader systems, remote control systems can be connected to operate the trackless sliding gates.
  • Basically, the door opener unit has a gear which is turning via AC Motor. This gear transmits the movement to the rack gear as linear movement. Thus, the cantilever sliding gates slides.
  • In case of power failure; it is possible to open and close it. Most of cantilever sliding gate mechanism has a clutch system to release motor from the gears. When the gears are released from motor, the gate can slide easily with manpower.

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What is Cantilever Sliding Gate benefits and features?

  • Cantilever sliding gates are mostly manufactured hollow section profiles. (Rectangular Hollow Sections)
  • They can close large openings. Even larger openings can be reach with a pair of cantilever sliding gates as working reciprocally.
  • Cantilever gates may be made from wrought iron for private property garden gates.
  • Cantilever sliding gates may be made from wire mesh fence for industrial site entrances same as existing fences.
  • No need any excavation and civil works on the passage place. Herewith if there is something underground like water pipes or electric cables etc., cantilever gate is exact choice.
  • A sliding cantilever gate can be used in places such as petro chemical plants, government buildings, airports, military etc. where high security is required as crash tested cantilever sliding gate models are available with crash test certificates.

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