ALPR, Automatic Licence Plate Recognition, is the process of detecting and segmenting the
license plate area on the vehicle image obtained from the analog/digital cameras and reading
the characters on the vehicle plate by image processing techniques.
Plate recognition systems are generally used in site entrances, military areas, public building
entrances, parking lots, shopping malls, hospitals, business centers and highway tolls.

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The license plate recognition system at the site entrance reads the license plate of the incoming
vehicle, if the license plate is in the white list (someone living on the site), barrier opens
automatically by system. If not, it does not. In addition, thanks to the plate recognition systems,
it can be easily reported which vehicle enters and exits, at what times it enters and at what
times it leaves.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System consist of three main structures. These are
analog/digital cameras (Especially IP digital cameras are preferred), processor unit, licence plate

Software algorithm of the ALPR is detailed below:

  • Taking frames from real time camera
  • Detection and segmentation of license plate location through frame images
  • Repositioning and sizing of the plate in accordance with the next algorithms
  • Normalization of image properties such as brightness, contrast
  • Extracting characters from the image with character separation
  • OCR (Optical character recognition)
  • Country specific syntax and geometric checks

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