• Motorized Sliding Gates use a ground mounted rail (track) for the gate wheels to move on it.
  • There is opportunity for Trackless Sliding Gate (Cantilever Sliding Gate) if the ground is not suitable for rail installation. Because these gates have not rail (track) to move.
  • Sliding gates are mostly used to controlled entry/exit at the gates and blocking the entrances.
  • Some companies achieved Crash Test Certificate from accredited laboratories like PAS:68, DOS K-12, ASTM F 2656, IWA 14-1.

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What are Sliding Gate’s parts?

  • Sliding Gate’s moving part is made from heavy strong steel.
  • Sliding Gates are operated by a sliding gate motor electromechanically.
  • The gates have rack gear for moving horizontally.
  • Gate wheels are heavy duty which carry the gate.
  • If the gate is cantilever sliding door, it has own cantilever sliding gates rollers.

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