• According to Cambridge Dictionary; a building for the soldiers who are protecting a place.
  • It is also called in different forms like; Guard Booth, Security Booth, Security Building, Guard Building, Watch House, Sentry Booth, Sentry Building, Guard Shack, Armoured Guard House, Portable Guard House, Bullet and Blast Resistant Guard House, Security Cabin, Guard Shelter etc.
  • Guardhouses are dormitories for sentries or guards. Typically, a guard house is located at the entrance of a facility where it serves as a checkpoint, not just as security but also to monitor and maintain control.
  • For different military bases, a guard house is also used as a central hub for communications between outlying posts stationed by a head of the guard.
  • If the area has high security measures, armoured guard houses are preferred. Because they have manufactured from armoured sheets and bullet proof glasses. So, the armoured guard houses are bullet proof and blast resistances.
  • Some high security armoured guardhouse has a tower which has heavy machine guns. This tower can rotate around of itself and shooting 360-degree.
  •  It is also known that guardhouses may be used a military jail.

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