• It is also called in different forms like; Hydraulic Drop Arm Barrier, Hydraulic Vehicle Barrier, Hydraulic Drop Barrier, Hydraulic Boom Barrier, Hydraulic Rising Barrier, Hydraulic Gate Barrier, Hydraulic Parking Barrier etc.
  • Hydraulic Arm Barriers are ideal solutions for required traffic managements, car parks, airports, railroad crossing, city buildings, industrial places.
  • In a nutshell, hydraulic barriers are used to controlled vehicle entry/exit at the gates.
  • Some companies achieved Crash Test Certificate from accredited laboratories like PAS:68, DOS K-12, ASTM F 2656, IWA 14-1.

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What are hydraulic barrier accessories?

  • If the barrier arm is very long, arm holder (bipod) may be used opposite of the barrier.
  • If the arm barrier is very long but arm holder installation is not possible opposite of the barrier, pendulum support is used. The pendulum support is hold to the arm with a hinge, thereby it is moving with the arm.
  • Some boom gates also have barrier arm skirt which hangs below the upper arm when lowered, to increase approach visibility, and which hangs on links, so it lies flat with the main boom as the barrier is raised.
  • Some places may have less height if we compare with passageway. In such cases articulated arm is perfect solution. The arm is folding while it is raising. Thus, less height but long blocking length is reached with articulated arm barrier.
  • Telescopic arm is a solution for changing road passage.
  • Led light on the arm is most preferred accessories to recognise the arm at night.

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How does a hydraulic barrier work?

  • Kind of Building Management Systems, card reader systems, remote control systems, biometric systems, ticket accepting devices etc. can be connected to operate the hydraulic barrier.

How is a hydraulic arm barrier mechanism?

  • The barrier arm is raising and lowering with a hydraulic piston.
  • Basically, a hydraulic pump pumps hydraulic oil to the pistons and pistons pushes the arm. Thus, the barrier arm raises.
  • Hydraulic tank, AC motor or DC motor, hydraulic pump, direction control valve, hydraulic hoses etc. hydraulic equipment are used as it is same as usual hydraulic power unit.
  • In case of power failure, it is possible to raise and lower it with manual hand pump, or hydraulic accu. or DC motor and DC pump with dry batteries.

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How is a hydraulic arm barrier installation?

  • It is installed on a hardened concrete with anchor bolts.   
  • Many barrier suppliers deliver a basement table for embedding it inside the concrete.

How does a hydraulic barrier seem?

  • Barriers seem like a beam blocked the road horizontally.
  • Typically, the arm raises 90 degree as vertical position when allowed to passage.
  • The arms are made from aluminium to reach less weight. And arms have special elliptic design to avoid bending or vibration because of wind.
  • It is commonly used arm colour is white with red reflective tapes on it.
  • The main body of the barrier is placed just near the road. And it is housing the hydraulic pump, motor and electronic inside it.
  • Crash Tested Hydraulic Arm Barrier Arms are made of strong steel to absorb crash loads.
  • Crash Rated Arm Barriers have separate hydraulic power unit to raise crash rated heavy duty arm via a hydraulic piston.

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