• It is also called in different forms like; Hydraulic Tire Killer, Spike Barrier, Automatic Tyre Killer, Flush Mounted Hydraulic Tyre Killer etc.
  • Hydraulic tyre killers are a physical security product that If an attempt to pass through the tyre killer from the opposite direction, tyres of the unauthorized vehicle will be destroyed immediately.
  • The Tyre Killer provides high security for sensitive areas (banks, military bases, airports, embassies etc) against forced and unauthorized entry or exit of motor vehicles.
  • Perimeter Protection Groups hydraulic tyre killers can be used same as a road blocker to against vehicle attacks.

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What are hydraulic tyre killer parts?

  • They have spikes/tooth which raise hydraulic instead of work mechanically.
  • They are also called electro-hydraulic tyre killer because they work with a hydraulic pump and an AC Motor.
  • Hydraulic Tyre Killers spikes/teeth raise help of a hydraulic piston. These tyre killers have separate hydraulic power units. The tyre killer and power unit are connected between each of them with hydraulic hoses.
  • Hydraulic power cabinet includes a PLC (Programmable Logic Relay) and it controlled all electronic equipment like thermic magnetic switch, contactor, relays, proximity sensor, direction control valves, drainage pump, loop detector etc.

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How does a hydraulic tyre killer work?

  • Hydraulic tyre killers have a push button console which is placed to operate it.
  • Kind of Access Control Systems, card reader systems, remote control systems can be connected to operate the hydraulic tyre killers.
  • It is enough to push UP button once to raise it or DOWN button to lower it.
  • It has also Emergency Stop Button to avoid accidents.
  • Some of them has Emergency Raise Button to raise it fast for vehicle attacks.
  • Basically, the hydraulic power unit pumps hydraulic oil to the pistons and pistons pushes the spikes / tooth. Thus, the spikes / tooth raise and blocking the entrance.
  • In case of power failure; it is possible to raise and lower it with manual hand pump, or hydraulic accu., or DC motor and DC pump with dry batteries.

How is a tyre killer installation?

  • It is installed in a reinforcement concrete pit.
  • After tyre killers are placed to its concrete pit, they are mounted to concrete with anchor bolts.
  • It should be not forgotten that PVC pipes for hydraulic hoses and proximity sensor which lies underground to the cabinet.
  • The spikes /tooth direction is looking to outside even the hydraulic tyre killer is used for exit. Because expected vehicle attack is always from outside and we protect inside.

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