• It is also called in different forms like; Electromechanic Barrier, Hydraulic Barrier, Drop Arm Barrier, Vehicle Barrier, Drop Barrier, Boom Barrier, Rising Barrier, Manual Barrier, Gate Barrier, Parking Barrier etc.
  • Barriers are ideal solutions for required traffic managements, car parks, airports, railroad crossing, city buildings, industrial places.
  • In a nutshell, barrier are used to controlled vehicle entry/exit at the gates.
  • Even barriers are automatic and powered mostly, manual barriers are also used with man power if electric is not available at site.

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How does the barrier seem?

  • Barriers seem like a beam blocked the road horizontally.
  • Typically, the arm raises 90 degree as vertical position when allowed to passage.
  • The arms are made from aluminium to reach less weight. And arms have special elliptic design to avoid bending or vibration because of wind.
  • It is common used arm colour is white with red reflective tapes on it.
  • The main body of the barrier is placed just near the road. And it is housing the mechanism, motor and electronic inside it.

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